Kindertransport Revision Session

Hi all, sorry about this. I will be in on Friday if any of you want to stay after school for an hour. I am also down to meet with you next Monday period 1.

Please find attached a firstly a powerpoint I have prepared on exam technique. As you will know, you should spend about 45 mins on this essay – I suggest making three points.

Then you will find a table that I have done on Act One Scene One – I would suggest making tables like this for the rest of the scenes – you will see I have tried to focus not so much on quotes but on stage directions and setting as these are less burdensome when it comes to learning off by heart.

Then I have attached the sample essay (called three points) I have written for you on the significance of ‘Journeys’ in the play. There are, as the title suggests) three main points.

Please could you all have a go at the other question on the ppt….The one on separation of parents and children. Time yourself for 45 mins and bring to the session on Monday for me to mark. 

I know you are stressing about context – please read the front of your copies of Kinderstransport. The information about how and why Samuels wrote the play, as well as the testimonies of various ‘kinder’ are excellent sources of contextual material.


Table for Act One Scene One

Three points


Week Five Homework: Preparing for Act Two

Hello All,

The deadline for 13D1 is Tuesday 13th October.

The deadline for 13D2 is Thursday 15th October.

Please download or view both of these task sheets and answer the questions in full sentences in your exercise books.

Act Two Scene One Questions for Homework

De Montaigne task

After completion, I would like you to note down exactly how many minutes you spent on this homework. All tasks are designed with the themes of your coursework titles in mind, therefore it stands to reason that the more effort you put in, the better mark you will get for your coursework.

Thanks for reading!

Work for Monday 5th October

Hello All,

Firstly, please leave your essays on the desk in the office in the library (Mr. Coogan’s old office) by the end of the day.

We have two lessons today -apologies for my absence.

During lesson one, I would like you to work in the following groups:

Section 2 – Connor, Hannah and Alisha

Section 3 – Lauren, Daniel and Sophie

Section 4: Kirsten, Lewis and Jack

Section 5: Erin and Stephen

Section 6: JP and Calvin

Section 7: Aidan and Joe

(I do not have SIMS at home, so if I have missed you out I am very sorry!)

Your job is to prepare a section of the play for peer teaching on Thursday. This powerpoint will show ou exactly what you have to do. Ferdinand and Miranda

Please do not come to Thursday’s lesson unprepared.

During Lesson 5 I would like you to write a summary of Act Two Scene One in your exercise books. We will not be reading this scene in class – so I need you to have an understanding of what goes on and what it tells us about the different characters of the royal party. You can use the internet to research this.


Mrs. Eckersley

Week Four Homework – mini-essay

You shuld have chosen whether you will be trying to argue that Prospero is a megalomaniac (obsessed with power) or a ‘wise and good man’.

Choose one character only (from Ariel, Miranda and Caliban) upon which to base your argument.

You must quote, and comment in detail on Shakespeare’s use of literary and linguistic techniques.

You must write accurately and fluently – embedded quotes would help this.

You must also comment on the effect of those techniques upon the audience.

Here is the powerpoint from the lesson which includes the assessment criteria and a sample essay for you to use as a model.

Considering Prospero

The deadline (for both classes) is Monday 5th October.

You will be marked out of 20. 10 marks for AO1 and 10 marks for AO2.

Flipped Learning Preparation Task for Week Three

Here I have attached a version of the opening of Act One Scene Two with a modern day version to help to get to grips with the language.

Act One Scene Two Prospero and Miranda’s Back Story

If you don;t have a copy of the twxt, please print off and read for next lesson. If you do have a copy, please use it to help you read the opening of the scene.

I will not be reading this in lessons – the work we do will be based upon key quotes – so it is your responsibility to make sure you are confident with the storyline.


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Welcome Year 13 students! This is your very own blog –  created to allow you to work independently on homework and extension tasks both before and after lessons. Flipped learning is an educational term, used to describe a style of teaching which requires students to do much of the knowledge based mundane stuff themselves, away from the classroom. For example, reading and annotating the text takes up a lot of teaching time that might be better spent confirming that you actually understand the material and Shakespeare’s techniques, so I have designed this site to allow you to do much of the reading away from class. Obviousbly however, this will only work IF you are prepared to do the work! So read on for preparation work that you need to do RIGHT NOW – in preparation for next week’s lessons.